About Halloween

Halloween is also called “All Hallow E'en” “The Eve of All Hallows ”、 “Hallow e'en”. It is the eve of All Saints' Day on 31 October, known as the most haunted night of the year.

About Halloween, it is said that the souls of the dead return on the eve of All Saints' Day to find residence in the living people. That’s the only way for the dead to continue their life in this world. Therefore people alive put on scary masks, dress up as ghosts or monsters to scare away the dead’s souls.
Nowadays Halloween has become a popular holiday without any superstitious color. It has been loved by children, they dress up in the Halloween costumes with jack-o'-lantern and play “ trick or treat” door by door. It is also favored by young people for activities such as bonfires ,costume party, visiting haunted places, watching horror movies, playing tricks and telling ghost stories.
Halloween has become quite popular seasonal festivals. Many people see it as the end of autumn and beginning of winter. When Halloween is coming, people began to look forward to Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Gifts and the New Year. 

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Gold Feather Venetian Masks Silver Masquerade Masks for Couples
Matching color and style silver masquerade masks for couples, gold masquerade masks are...
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Hanging Tealight Holder-Christmas Star Candle holders
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This Noble Italian Masquerade Masks for Men carved with great details. Silver tone...
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Purple Feather Masquerade Prom Masks for Women
Gorgeous and elegant flower Feather purple masquerade masks will make you outstanding...
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Silver & Gold Ancient style Venetian Men's Masquerade Masks
This ancient style venetian men's masquerade masks are carved with great details. Silver...
Bleach Hollow Masks for Halloween Carnival
With these Bleach Hollow Masks for Halloween, you can feel the power of the soul reaper,...
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Cheap Flower Feather Masquerade Ball Masks
These elegant masquerade ball masks are decorated with flowers and feathers on one side....
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Fancy Cheap Blue and Silver Mardi Gras Masquerade Masks
Really cheap blue Masquerade masks with great details for masquerade balls and party....
Beautiful Peacock Feather Venetian Masquerade Masks
Cool black feather masquerade masks  will make you become a mysterious women with great...
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Fancy Masks for Masquerade ball Mardi Gras Feather Masks
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Wholesale Party Masks Cheap Masquerade Masks in Bulk
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Women Pirate Costumes as Halloween Outfits
High quality women pirate costumes for women perfect as Halloween outfits ,made of...
Collector's edition Saw Mask for Halloween
Collector's edition Saw mask is made from resin. This collector's edition Saw mask for...
Min:  2
Ferocious Halloween Bat for Haunted House
This Halloween bat looks like a ferocious ghost with sharp hands coming for his preys....
Creepy Halloween Decor with Hanging skull
This is really creepy Halloween decor. The skull covered in gunny cloth, comes with...
Scary Halloween Mask of Jason in " Friday the 13th"
Choose Jason mask for your Halloween activities and replay the demon killer from Friday...
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Halloween Costumes for women as sexy girl devil
Difficult to find a suitable Halloween Costumes for women? Take this sexy devil costume...
Halloween Vampire Costume for Women
Fashionable style of Halloween vampire costume for women with cut-out on waist. Burgundy...
Collectible Halloween mask as Guy Fawke
In V for Vendetta, the profile of V features a mask of Guy Fawke, who executed the...
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Wolf Mask for Carnival or Masquerade
Are you looking something for your carnival or masquerade party? This full-head wolf mask...
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Scary prop for Halloween and haunted house
It is really a Scary Prop for Halloween and haunted house. Look at this poor man with...
Weird Gifts for Halloween With Skeleton Money Box
This is one of weird gifts for Halloween, it is made of a scary skeleton and a quern...
Unusual Halloween Gifts to Play Trick With a Bloody Hand
This is one of unusual Halloween gifts to play trick on someone. The bloody hand is...
Spooky Halloween Decorations Ghost Hung with Moving Hand
This hanging ghost with shining eyes is really a spooky Halloween decorations. The hands...